It would be cool to have the possibility to link posts. To show as related posts in the sidebar.
Someone links two posts and then people vote on the linked posts, and the posts with more than a couple total positive votes appear in the sidepanel as related posts, in order from most to least votes. That way if you find a topic that you like you can easily find related posts. Or maybe there are duplicate questions a year appart and you can find the answers to both. I want to hear opinions before opening an issue on github.

The fediverse should be a trending community right now
[@dessalines]( Even [I have seen]( how it has moved in the last few days to be the second most popular community and I don't pay much attention to that but I'm sure it was lower before. A community moving to the top like that should make it into the trending communities. That doesn't happen everyday. And yet we are seeing the new communities as trending communities as always.

Feature request? Add field for matrix chat rooms to communities
I was watching a YouTuber and he mentioned in a couple of his videos that he has a subreddit and a discord. Lots of subreddits have discord. I find this interesting because it sort of reflects an earlier period of social media when different functions could be handled by different companies. Famously reddit didn't have proper image uploads so imgur stepped in. Reddit didn't have very good live community chat so people hacked together a solution with discord. Rather than request lemmy cover this existing functionality it seems like it would be good to explicitly hand off some of this stuff to other projects like matrix/element. Having communities with a default "matrix/element chat server" seems like it would be a good idea. Sure that could be jist stuck as a hyperlink in the description but a form field would help push people in that direction. If nothing else I think it would make sense as a social practice to spread. Just a random thought.

I have a concern about Lemmy's ability to scale
What will happen as there are more and more instances when each instance has their own similar communities. For example, imagine if there are 100 instances, each with their own asklemmy community. Will you have to crosspost on all 100 instances if you want to ask people from every instance? Will you have to click on 100 posts if you want to see all the answers?

Random thought: recursive communities?
This is just a random thought but I was wondering if recursive communities would be useful? What I mean is this: say you have a community for car stuff: /c/cars And you want to have a community for Asian import cars versus another community for offroading. You could make /c/offroading and /c/importscars but you could also hypothetically organize it with /c/cars/offroading and /c/cars/importcars I don't know if this would actually be worth doing at all. It's just something I've thought about for years with reddit. It's also I think kind of how usenet worked?

Remote-only posts ?
mastodon has an option to see remote-only toots in the federated timeline, does lemmy have something similar ?

Thanks, Lemmy, for being a place for educated, empathetic, and principled people
I had an awful night. I was surrounded by incredibly racist, sexist, ignorant, and insensitive people. I was astounded by the lack of basic knowledge about the world that was possible. I knew conceptually that ignorant people with relative privilege existed, but seeing it in action is another thing. It just hit me in the gut to hear slurs flying around, and hearing unironical defenses for fascism, apartheid, and social Darwinism. This got me thinking. I have to be honest. I sometimes fear Lemmy could be a place for violence and dogma, but after tonight, after being surrounded by absolute pieces of shit, I have to recognize this place is much more special than I gave it credit for. Here in Lemmy, I consistently see posts that reflect a sound understanding of how the world works, be it ecology, politics and economics, programming, heck, even basic sciences. I also see humane concern for the wellbeing of others, regardless of who they are*. *Well, to be fair, maybe I do see a bit less concern for those who are most destroying the livelihoods of others. But even they are sometimes seen as victims of a system. The point is I am grateful for you. I love that you aim to grow your knowledge about the world. I love that you're empathetic and kind*. I love that this place is inclusive and fosters growth among us.

Post once, distribute everywhere?
In the early days of social media, there was a lot more interoperability. You could auto post to Twitter from Facebook, Instagram could post to Twitter, subscribe to subreddits via rss etc. Social media companies wanted to grow their share and one way to do that was make it easy for people to post from one platform to many. But with the rise of social externalities (bots, spam, political ops) and the plateauing of growth, lots of these companies closed down their APIs. YouTuber Tom Scott talks about this era some here: One of the major things that attracts me to the fediverse is the renewal of interoperable promise. A tool that a lot of people used back in the day and now less so due to the lack of api support is "post once, publish everywhere" tools. Does anybody know of such a tool for the fediverse? The use case I see: I post some pictures to my pixelfed account, those automatically get posted to my mastodon account, and if they have certain hashtags or something then get posted to relevant lemmy communities. I think one thing the recent "alternative frontends for lemmy" shows is the universality of a lot of content for different user interfaces. Different frontends serve different use cases (following people on mastodon versus mutual friendships on friendica versus following subject matter groups on lemmy) and their user interfaces create different kinds of community (thousands of followers on mastodon in a porous discourse versus tighter private communities focused on specific subjects on lemmy). It makes sense to decouple to a degree content and frontend. I think having the ability to post once distribute to many different frontends and community types is powerful and something unfederated media simply can't provide. Thoughts?

Does lemmy need karma?
I just realized that lemmy doesn't have karma like reddit. I've never paid much attention to karma. But even so it does seem to play an important role in moderation on reddit. For instance, many subs put a karma restriction on who can post which helps decrease trolls. And while it's true that karma gives an incentive for people to seek karma I think it's overall regulatory principle might be worth considering as a trade off.

Idea for a Lemmy project: Create a stackoverflow style front-end for lemmy.
In the same way that Nutomic built a phpBB themed front end, it would be entirely possible to create a stack-overflow type one, as many of the same concepts translate over.

Would be nice to have for communities.

cross federation with pleroma
hello, would be ever possible to follow a community from a pleroma instance? Follow requests get stuck in "request sent".
fedilink is open for signup!
Give it a try if you are interested in the project. If you notice any problems, you can [open an issue]( Contributions are also more than welcome. In a few days I will publish the first release, and make a proper announcement.

Setting up an instance - icon and banner
What are the recommended specs, dimensions,etc for the icon and banner we create for a new instance?

I keep on having to re add transparency so i figure someone should just upload it with transparency somewhere so it's easier to make promotional material

[This is the post btw](

Issue with lemmy theme "nord"
The nord theme is very nice but there is an issue with own posts which have a white background and white text. See screenshot ![](

"Share to Lemmy" bookmarklet: Easy sharing without browser extensions
I made a "Share to Lemmy" bookmarklet to easily share content to Lemmy, maybe you want one too? If you don't know what it is, it's a bookmark that runs a small piece of code - In this case, it shares the page you're currently on to Lemmy. If your browser have a bookmark bar, you're always just a click away from a pre-filled share screen on your home instance. It should work in all desktop browsers. - Copy and tweak the code, replace `` with your home instance - Create a new bookmark, the tweaked code goes in the URL field - Click the bookmark while on a page you want to share `javascript:void%20function(){var%20t=document.URL,o=document.title;window.location.href=%22}();`

Everything about Lemmy; bugs, gripes, praises, and advocacy.

For discussion about the instance, go to !

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