Are you looking for a small but high quality Diablo 4 clan?
One of our members works on this: Please, join us:

# Steps 0. Assuming you're running the game via "the launcher" 1. go to desktop mode (big picture mode doesn't allow changing settings), 1. run the launcher, 1. go to General settings, scroll down to DXVK Version and download/choose the latest "Async" version from dropdown 1. Close settings and launcher 1. now you may go to steam big picture mode and run the game If it doesn't work go to Environment section and type `DXVK_ASYNC=1 %command%` into the first text form # Result Before the changing dxvk version, game ran at 45 FPS on medium/low settings with frequent stutters dropping to 10 FPS at newly entered locations, now it runs at 55-60 FPS in the world and ~40 in crowded cities with no preloading drops in FPS. | FPS Before | FPS After| |-|-| | 10-45 on med/low | 40-60 on med/high| ::: spoiler tags shaders, anime, pre caching, lag at new location, lags, monitor refresh rate, gpu, wine, proton, Vsync, Resolution, graphics, fsync, performance, improvement ::: // Pls support the creator of "the launcher" who gave us async dxvk version, man doing ~~god's~~ MHY's work

Any pointcrow fans in chat? What’s taking so long for his botw2 part 2 vid?
I've been waiting for him to release part 2 and have just been edging along by like watching smallant, but I prefer pcrow lol

I made it to 10 Episodes :) How do you like it so far? Should I keep going?

We're finally approaching some harder sciences and we have robots building stuff!!

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