EU Claims Amazon Tax Structure Out Of A ‘Bond Movie’
"Project Goldcrest — it sounds like the title of a James Bond movie, but it is not,” it’s the name “Amazon gave to a complex tax construction by which it fundamentally reorganized its global business,” European Commission attorney Paul-John Loewenthal told a court hearing.

Long before the current AI hype, fund managers have been employing machine learning techniques for decades. Nothing could stop the success of the trading bots in markets striving for ever more efficiency. Then came the pandemic - and the humans fought back.

Women on corporate boards appear to spur more robust analysis and discussions of pertinent but complex information leading up to a buyout, researchers say. “Female directors offer a different perspective. And when you have more perspectives, you tend to get better discussion.”

Tales of extravagantly wasteful spending have circulated in China for years, as cities and provinces accumulated debts to build infrastructure and boost the country’s GDP. These debts have reached extraordinary levels—and the bill is now arriving.

Hotwire is a travel website that offers airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and vacation packages for suspiciously cheap
I havent yet figured out why their prices are so cheap, but it seems to be a legit company. Prices are somehow 20% cheaper

Has anyone here actually used crypto for a non “investment”?
I was once paid in crypto, but converted it to reg money immediately

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