It’s been months and I still cannot view my own messages from element desktop on element android
cross-posted from: > On mobile fluffychat allows me to view my old messages

matrix rooms info - search for matrix rooms easily!
cross-posted from: > Hi there, > I'm Aine from and we've built (announcement on the website, will be announced on today, matrix room: > > ). > > I want to suggest our new service to find rooms for Room of the Week section, hope that helps 😉

cross-posted from: > A video exploring the brief history of scheduling posts as a feature on Mastodon, in which ways it has been implemented, and progress being made to implement it. > > [YouTube Link](

Is the fediverse assessible to the boomers/computer illiterate? What’s the most boomer friendly service? Have you onboarded any boomers in your life?
Boomer in like Facebook/tiktok is their final technology frontier. My friends/circle (ages 19 - 72): 95% don't know how to set up Adblock on desktop. 20% only use computers once a week. 5% use shortcuts like copy and paste. 30% of them buy iphones bc they find android too hard too bother with (I agree with this). 1% struggle with basic concepts like knowing if they are posting a status or DMing someone. Tho 10% trade stocks by themselves, so with sufficient motivation they could learn. I have onboard 1 person irl and I had to walk them through it. I rate the fediverse as 0/10 for assessibility to boomers but have not tried the whole fediverse

Lemmy Community-Browser - Update
cross-posted from: A small update of the community browser: - Display of the community description (by clicking on the title) - Easily copy the community URLs - Accepts query parameters for the search (e.g.: []( - Minor optimizations

Other discussions:

Mastodon thread about the recent policy change regarding using the mastodon trademark.

cross-posted from: > Good article that criticizes Pew Research Center's new report of reducing "alternative social media" just to sites like Parler, Gab, Truth Social and so on. It makes a good explanation of the Fediverse (referred as "citizens’ social media") and sees it as an antidote to the propaganda and misinformation promoted on those platforms. > > > More nuance is needed here: the Pew report focuses solely on what mass media scholar Kristoffer Holt calls “right-wing alternative media.” And in doing so, it misses a more democratic form of alternative media, what communication scholar Clemencia Rodríguez refers to as “citizens’ social media.” > > > And for all of us tired of both big tech and online trolling, citizens’ social media is our way forward.

What’s doing about the incredible sheer volume of spam bots from
It's been like a month now with pretty intense spam, all from accts. Anyone have a list of public mjolnir bots that are willing to moderate random rooms?
What’s doing about the incredible sheer volume of spam bots from

OC - A Fedizens walked into a bar
cross-posted from: > (Coopy pasta this onto reddit) > > I went to a bar last week and saw this total fediette. I immediately fedied a little in my pants and decided to put my fedi where my mouth is. I went up and sat my fediussy on the stool next to her, and asked her if I knew her. Nah, you're too pretty. I'd remember your face. Misskey to remember, funkwhake to forget. She was instantly feding out her panties at the mere thought of feding out with me. Then some anti-fedier jerkop came up and said "Are you fucking quoting the fediverse (2022) to pick up girls?" I fedipanicked. I said "I...ill follow you on diaspora?" and he started #fediblocking me. I fedied the hell out and fedied all over that guy and am now in federated prison for "fediMurder". Don't those fedidetectives know it was a fediverse reference? All in all, follow me on pixelfed?

Facebook and events, but on fediverse
What such systems are recommended? Since most social media stuff doesn't support events, and I think it *is* a decent use-case. I've heard about Mobilizon. How does that work in practice? Does it work with mastodon accounts? Misskey?

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