Lemmy shows how Fediverse-connected message boards can work. So is it time for a Fediverse-connected
I'll elaborate on my thoughts further in my reply below, but I'm keen to hear what everyone thinks of this concept

Fediverse hot takes:
Fediverse hot takes: 1) The only true client is the browser. 2) Microblogging be damned. 3) it’s the instances/servers that are federated, not the users (ie us) … and damn that too. [@fediverse]( [\#fediverse]( A PeerTube site that’s basically like YouTube for Urbanism
cross-posted from: > This video site is worth checking out, if you haven't already. Share videos of what's working, and what isn't, in your community.

🚨 ActivityPub Client and C2S Support
🚨 ActivityPub Client and C2S Support If you read that and you have any influence in the development of Fediverse projects please make sure the CORS headers for the following endpoints are set to `\*`. \* /.well-known/webfinger (needed to fetch account information) \* /.well-known/nodeinfo (needed to get information what sofware the instance runs) \* The outbox endpoint to get posts and all referenced endpoints to be able to access public content from web /cc [@fediforum]( [@fediverse]( [@fediversenews](

Decentralized Social Media Rises as Twitter Melts Down. @matt_on_tech 's interview whith @tchambers
**[Mastodon is just the start—here comes the Fediverse with PeerTube, PixelFed, Friendica and Funkwhale](** [@fediverse]( > Most companies looking to support decentralized social media are adding support for ActivityPub or, in some cases, building new platforms for a decentralized future. Meta is rumored to be working on its own decentralized social network, code-named P92, which is said to include ActivityPub support. WordPress, Flipboard, and Mozilla have all announced features that integrate with the Fediverse cc ### [ Is available here ]( [@mattontech]( 's interview whith [@tchambers]( ###

Announcing crate activitypub-federation 0.4.0: Major rewrite with improvements to usability and docu
I want to announce a new version of the activitypub-federation crate. Over the last weeks I worked on major improvements to the usability and documentation. It now includes an extensive guide on getting started to implement federation from scratch, and also an example project which can directly be deployed to a server and federate with projects like Mastodon. The library takes care of basic functionality like HTTP Signatures, activity sending, and fetching data from other servers. Application developers can focus on the main logic, and treat federation as another form of API. There is no restriction to the content being federated: you can implement a microblogging platform, link aggregator, video hosting site or any other type of social media. The goal is to encapsulate all basic functionality, so that developers can easily implement federation without any prior knowledge. Using this library can help to share core Activitypub logic between different projects, so that the same code doesn’t have to be implemented and maintained separately by each project. This way improvements can benefit everyone. It also encourages the use of effective patterns to make Rust and Activitypub work together. All of this has been proven to work in Lemmy which uses this library and is the biggest Activitypub project written in Rust. configuration error led to data leak
**[As part of the expansion of hardware and software at Mastodon, an archive server was visible to all users for several weeks](** [@fediverse]( > The cause of a data leak at Mastodon was not an external intrusion, but an insufficient configuration of the Mastodon server for storing user data. This made it theoretically possible for every user of the service to view the data uploaded to Mastodon discovered the bug on February 24th and closed it within 30 minutes. However, the leak had existed since the beginning of February because the infrastructure had been upgraded at the time, the provider writes in an e-mail. ### [Link]( ###

Linus Torvalds and the Fediverse…
Linus Torvalds is not interested in religious wars in the fediverse. [@fediverse]( Linus Torvalds knows there is a time to administer and a time to use. Linus Torvalds knows that the Fediverse is free because it is made up of different faiths. That's why we like Fediverse. And Linus too 😅 The [@torvalds]( 's post ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ ♲ […](

Best way to run a blog in the fediverse?
What is the best fediverse-compatible service to run a blog (not microblog) on? I see a lot of #writefreely instances, but it doesn't seem too well-integrated. E.g. it seems to be impossible receive comments from #mastodon users. Then there is #plume, but it's harder to find instances and there is information about the software being less well maintained. So, what would be good options? I'd prefer not having to self-host.

Is there a way to see all the communities in another instance without leaving your home instance?
I'm wondering because I've been shamelessly using []( as portal for all the Mander sublemmies

Jounalist Finder
In Alpha. Great to see some niche ancillary services being developed with the potential to become useful for other communities, or a precursor to others. Hopefully will expand beyond the Mastodon = Fediverse approach over time.

Some more progress with hexbear moving to LemmyNet
(they are looking for people to help with infrastructure so might be worth letting them know if you can help with that)

Git was designed as a decentralized version control system from the ground up. Yet it has been subverted by centralizing hosting and collaboration platforms that compete on projects hosting their code on them. Disagreements on where a project should be hosted regularly result in flame wars. But why, since we live in a world of federated services? If the Git hosters would federate, it might not matter on which server a merge request or an issue is filed. The #gitea issue targeted at adding #activitypub is still open, but it seems to require in-depth architectural changes. So what would be the best bet for a Git hosting platform to be the first in entering the #fediverse?

I love that I’m seeing more and more posts to Lemmy from Mastodon.
I love that I'm seeing more and more posts to Lemmy from Mastodon. This one feature finally ties Lemmy in with the rest of the fediverse by providing the lacking feature: making top level posts. Lemmy (along with friendica!) will lead the way in making "groups" and forums in the fediverse, accessible from any platform you choose. [@fediverse](

FORUM OR SOCIALNETWORK? THIS IS THE QUESTION. YET THERE IS ALREADY A SOLUTION! [@fediverse]( **[Indeed, a few days ago something was born that could create a revolutionary point of contact between these two tools for social comparison among web users...](** This (very long) post from [@informapirata]( tries to take stock of the situation. [\#Lemmy]( [#Friendica]( [#Fediverse]( […](

Flipboard joins the Fediverse with a Mastodon integration and community, plans for ActivityPub
Flipboard joins the Fediverse with a Mastodon integration and community, plans for ActivityPub []( []( [@acrossthefediverse]( [](

Lemmy blocked by Facebook?
After years of procrastination I finally deleted my not-much-used FB account. Posted my Fediverse profiles and links as my last act but FB disallowed the `` URL. What's that all about?

cross-posted from: > The goal of this two-minute survey is to help us improve the WordPress-related Mastodon instances and Mastodon as a meeting place for the WordPress Community in general. > We want to know your needs and challenges and how you think we – as WordPress-related instances – can strengthen the WordPress community on Mastodon.

Full text: > " Here's a preview of #SpaceHost, a fully-managed Fediverse hosting service that @reiver and I are building. > As you can see, you'll be able to select your Fediverse community server based on: >* Micro Blogging >* Macro Blogging >* Forums >* Image Posting >* Video Posting >* Media Posting >* Social Coding "

Lemmy release v0.17.2.
Lemmy release v0.17.2. Mostly a big fix update, but most importantly, posting from Mastodon was fixed! Change log: []( [@fediverse]( [@fediversenews](

I'm not sure if this is appropriate to post here, but this may have a significant impact on The Fediverse if it causes migration?

This standard document explains how group federation works in Lemmy and other projects. It can be useful to developers who want to implement a similar federation model.

Is the fediverse assessible to the boomers/computer illiterate? What’s the most boomer friendly service? Have you onboarded any boomers in your life?
cross-posted from: > Boomer in like Facebook/tiktok is their final technology frontier. > > My friends/circle (ages 19 - 72): 95% don't know how to set up Adblock on desktop. 20% only use computers once a week. 5% use shortcuts like copy and paste. 30% of them buy iphones bc they find android too hard too bother with (I agree with this). 1% struggle with basic concepts like knowing if they are posting a status or DMing someone. Tho 10% trade stocks by themselves, so with sufficient motivation they could learn. > > I have onboard 1 person irl and I had to walk them through it. > > I rate the fediverse as 0/10 for assessibility to boomers but have not tried the whole fediverse

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[@fediverse](, Is it now possible to post on Lemmy from Mastodon?

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[@fediverse]( Hope I’m in the right place, but Mastodon won’t let me post for several days. A new post pops up and quickly disappears.

A comment by the EFF: "People coming from Twitter tend to think of the fediverse as a Twitter-replacement [...] but that’s only a fraction of its potential. The question isn’t if the fediverse can replace Twitter ... With enough momentum the fediverse can be the fabric of the social web, incorporating existing systems like Tumblr and Medium and outright replacing stragglers."

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