Game on in’s hockey community
Put on the foil and join the conversation in the hockey community here.

Unofficial Joplin sub
[On sopuli](/c/

Are there any subs/communities where either A. everyone is a mod or B. Nobody is a mod and posts are removed via users voting?
A chaos-anarchy simulator sub. Since there are no removal bots, that has to be done manually. I'm thinking removals vote happen via users commenting something like sudoremove and if enough remove requests it gets removed. If there is not this kind of sub, would anyone like to embark on an adventure cresting a sub like that with me?

c/nba[deleted] and c/wrestling are two new sports communities on
A headsup about a couple of dedicated sports communities: /edit mod has deleted the community.

New Woodworking community over on and I want to welcome any woodworkers or woodworker-admirers to come join
cross-posted from: >
New Woodworking community over on and I want to welcome any woodworkers or woodworker-admirers to come join

Do you live in New Brunswick? Are you originally from there? You're thinking of moving there? Then join us at ! /// Vous habitez au Nouveau-Brunswick? Vous êtes originaires de là? Vous pensez y déménager? Ben joignez-nous à !

PopTalk - An instance (and communities) for popheads
If you are a fan of any specific artist that doesn’t have a community yet, my instance is open to create one. While I designed it to be specific for popheads, I welcome all music fans. (I’m still at heart a Zeppelin and Pink Floyd fan) Or if you just want to hang out and talk about Taylor Swift or Britney Spears, I welcome that too :) Instance: PopHeads Community: Taylor Swift: We're small now but growing daily. Swing on by and have a chat!

To subscribe from another hub, copy the following link and enter it into your hub's search field: [!]( See you

Bonjour les francophones : c/parlezvousfr
Francophones de toutes les régions du monde, venez parler des spécificités de votre langue, à la façon *dictionnaire urbain*, ou en mode discussion de comptoir. Que vous parliez couramment une langue francophone, ou que vous cherchiez juste à pratiquer, n'hésitez pas à passer dire bonjour : [c/parlezvousfr](/c/parlezvousfr) *est un espace pour les langues francophones, et les gens qui aiment leurs variations.* *Tous les sujets autour de la langue sont valables, même anecdotiques ou humoristiques :* *conventions grammaticales académiques ou argot, langues régionales et dialectes, poésie objectiviste ou Rap FR, discussions autour des écritures inclusives, curiosité et créativité !*

cross-posted from: > Since ChatGPT is being censored, this subreddit was made to find alternatives to ChatGPT, either: > 1) Find jailbreaks to ChatGPT and BINGChat, or > 2) Find new Chat Bots (Such as StableVicuna, Alpaca and Meta AI LLaMMa..) > > Example of jailbreaks: > - > - > Example of other Chat Bots: > - > -

Promotional projects to get ppl to move from to like Perthchat, asra, envs etc. Similarly to promotional projects to move ppl from discord/telegram/signal to matrix. Promotional projects to get ppl to move from to like Perthchat, asra, envs etc. Similarly to promotional projects to move ppl from discord/telegram/signal to matrix. There is a room about decentralizing Lemmy, since like 90% of users there are on or has a mastodon server and Mastodon acct
1 has a mastodon server and Mastodon acct

New sublemmy - Law
This is a place for lawyers and non-lawyers to discuss the legal profession and new and interesting legal developments from around the world. Feel free to ask for legal advice and you maybe get answers from the finest wikipedia trained amateur lawyers on the fediverse who have exact 0 law experience.

cross-posted from: > r/squatting - We advocate for squatter’s rights and believe everyone has a right to a roof over their head. Whether it's occupying land or vacant property for personal, communal or political reasons, this is the place to talk about it.

matrix rooms info - search for matrix rooms easily!
Hi there, I'm Aine from and we've built (announcement on the website, will be announced on today, matrix room: ). I want to suggest our new service to find rooms for Room of the Week section, hope that helps 😉

ChatGPT sublemmy

Jailbroken PerthChatGPT on discord and in a new element room
cross-posted from: > @room Hi guys! We've created a new room for all off-topic discussion with ChatGPT. It's also available on our public Discord. > > We understand it's a bit annoying to be shuffled around from room to room. But our room we'd like to see reserved more for memes and shitposting, and it's currently being flooded with ChatGPT conversations. :) We appreciate your cooperation. > > Thank you for choosing! <3 > > or for those that want the Elon experience on discord. Join the main discord.

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    A canadian-run community, geared towards canadians, but all are welcome!

    Welcome to!” is so named due to it running the Lemmy software, in the Fediverse, and it’s geared toward Canadians, hosted in Canada, and run by a Canadian. It is, however, not at all restricted to Canadians, or Canadian culture/topics/etc. All are welcome!

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