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Pokemon nuzlockes are good for content creators, but rather unfun otherwise
It seems to get some hype clips

Comrade is as exclusionary as normie
It's just meta on lemmy. Comrade in essence = person i like normie (according to some lemmings) = person i dislike

The first thing leftists should strive to do is get a good enough income (can include via setting up mutual aid)
If you've ever looked at how rightwing movements operate, it appears they throw a lot of money around. And because of the world we live in, it gets results, ex the canadian trucker protest having basically all the same amenities as a festival, nearly a theme park. Advertising budget. Funding institutions/youtube channels to spread bs. I think the first thing a leftist should do is, in order: 1) get a good enough income for themself. This can include mutual aid or even things like food banks, depending on your philosophy. 1b) study some finance, ex [the finance diet]( and use tricks from financial sources to boost income. This includes stock market/saving for retirement. I can elaborate later if u want on why savings are important. Including trying to use tax loop holes for our advantage. The rightwingers get an edge from this, we need to even the playing field 2) take care of other important things like enough exercise, good diet, dating 3) actual left things. But starting with making sure other lefties are well off financially. I'm not sure how to do this and not create capitalists. But technically if you have 0.0001% of stocks, you (the worker) owns 0.0001% of the means of production of that company. A good approach might be starting a worker co-op, where you give people a good wage and recruit youngins right out of high school. That way they learn what a just economic system is and when they branch of to other companies, they will hopefully expect just treatment and be more ready to push for a union in their new workplace.

Gamer communities are prone to rightwing extremism because it's a group of mostly 1 demographic
At least the general assumption seems to be that it's cis het caucasian dudes. If nothing else, a homo trans dude might sound the exact same as the cishet caucasian population and seem to be cishet. If gamer communities had more people who sounded foreign or female, there would be less extremism.

In most cases, peeling potatoes is unnecessary
If you are cooking a fancy potato puree and you need the texture to be just right, then peeling the potatoes might make sense. But if you are just making a regular meal using potatoes as one of the ingredients (a soup, baked potato, hash-browns, or really any other potato-containing meal), peeling the potato is just not necessary, and it removes a valuable nutrients. If you are worried about dirt or additives getting on top of the skin, just wash it. Any pesticides or fertilizers that got into the skin likely also penetrated deeper into the potato, so if this is something that really bothers you then you should find a better source of appropriate-quality potatoes.

Lobbying shouldn't be legal in any level of government
For the purposes of this cmv, I'll be talking about the US legislature, as it's the flavor of corruption I'm most familiar with. Lobbying with money has only served to hurt the American people, if you need to pay legislators to pass or deny a law with money, chances are you're not asking them to vote with their conscience, only their greed. A good example is the tobacco lobbyists paying huge amounts of money to state legislatures to cover up the enormous health risks caused by smoking in 1999. Their efforts to keep lung cancer and other health risks out of public service announcements continue to this day.,Senate%2C%20and%20our%20Federal%20Agencies. Another good example is how tax filing software companies like TurboTax pour money into Congress to prevent intuitive tax filing laws from being passed Lobbying with bribes in governments can only serve to hurt its people, and should be illegalized. Unfortunately, the only legal way to prevent lobbying would require the people getting lobbied to to ban it, which I don't see happening for obvious reasons. CMV

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