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Best Music Streaming Alternatives to Spotify
It should be an app like Spotify Not including combinations like: Newpipe + VLC because I want recommendations on what I should try within the app, and offline downloading. I like the idea of using a front-end for the other service if no Foss option exists. Any opinions?

Why does the west vilify Russia?
I would understand if they were communists, because capitalists would want to stop the spread of the "disease" or they would lose all power. But as far as I know since the fall of the Soviet Union they are like everyone else. So why are they still the bad guys in every western movie? Why are they vilified by mainstream media?

How can I learn to subtitle/caption or to translate?
Is it pointless given that software does or will do it automatically? Certainly not everything is subtitled. I have subtitled short videos, but it took me a long time, what if I wanted to try to subtitle a movie? Is there a faster process? What guidelines or standards should I follow? Are there any educational materials that you recommend? I'll appreciate any kind of comment, thank you!

Good DVD authoring software?
Does anyone know an actual good option for burning videos to DVDs? Most of the good options such as DVDStyler dont support HD. Kinda ruins the point of high quality vid if you can't export it in HQ as well. Any help is appreciated!

What is the state of the Audacity forks ?
And will some Linux distributions opt to only include a certain fork of Audacity in their repositories and not the original Audacity ?

What are your favorite communities in Lemmy?
Hi! I'm fairly new here, and I'm looking to join some new communities. What do you recommend I check out?

What are you doing this weekend ?
Programming ? Watching videos ? Gaming ? Strolling outside ? Does Lemmy have polls ?

What are your favorite science video content creators?
Mine's - [PBS Space Time]( - [Sabine Hossenfelder]( - [Kurzgesagt](

Can i get updates from Lemmy if i deploy my fork on Gitea?
I'm not that technical person, i need to hear from you. I'm planning to hire someone to modify a Lemmy fork for me as i need to add new features, also i have to declare the source code to align with AGPL-3. The question is, if i put my code on self-hosetd Gitea can i get the important updates from the master brunch of lemmy on github? especially the security updates. Please tell me if this is possible!

What's up with these Foxconn strikes?
Only hearing about it from sources I wouldn't trust with a weather report. Anyone got some good places to follow what's happening? I gather it's some combination of unpaid wages and covid stuff

Why is it so hard to send a correct UserAgent?
Especially with the rush from Twitter, there are more and more bots and crawlers coming up from the Fediverse that just can't manage to send a correct UserAgent. Many apps, which want to make usage of several platforms, just submit the framework they use for their connection. Like `python/1.2.3`, `Dart/1.23` or `http.rb/1.2.3`. The biggest problem with this behavior is, that I as the operator and administrator want to secure the system, but I would lock out legitimate software by targeting only the UserAgent. Especially the `python/1.2.3` in particular, but has also attracted malicious attention many times in my log files. I'm really grateful, that Lemmy developer decided to use a customized UserAgent, so that I as admin can directly see what request it is and where it comes from. That makes it so much easier to make the decision of harm or no harm. On my servers, I started to block all requests with a “default” or empty UserAgent, but I wonder, how it's possible to fix this issue in general? Any ideas?

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