Following #Lemmy communities (like [@asklemmy](https://lemm
Following [#Lemmy]( communities (like [@asklemmy]( on Mastodon works surprisingly well. Of course I'm missing out on all the up- and downvotes but then again... do I really need them?
Following #Lemmy communities (like [@asklemmy](https://lemm

Are animals better than plants?
Animals are awesome! They can communicate and form social bonds, while plants are just, well, plants. Animals can move, hunt, and play, making them more dynamic and interesting than plants that just sit there. Sure, plants are cool and provide us with oxygen, but animals are just on another level. If you ask me, animals are definitely better than plants!

What are the best recommended server specs for lemmy and which Linux distribution?
What are the best recommended server specs for lemmy and which Linux distribution? for testing purposes.

Can i install lemmy’s backend from the master branch but connect it to a front-end from other repo?
I want to install lemmy's backend from lemmy's master branch but use other lemmy UI who supports RTL. is this possible? if yes, how can be done?

Does anyone know why nodeinfo’s localPosts value might go backwards?
Does anyone know why nodeinfo's localPosts value might go backwards? I've noticed it happen with both and but I haven't been tracking it for long so it might happen to others (and not just mastodon). It doesn't appear to be a field rollover. Also I don't know if it happens all at once or if it is incremental. I've just noticed a drop between two queries a number of hours apart. [@feditips]( [@asklemmy]( [@nova](

what is Lemmy and what is lemmy-ui on github?
on GitHub lemmy has 2 repositories. i'm wondering what is Lemmy and what is lemmy-ui? which one is used for installation?

Are chicken fish?
I am convinced that chickens do indeed qualify as fish. The similarities in their physical characteristics, culinary use, and cultural classifications cannot be ignored. For example, both chickens and fish are animals that lay eggs, have a streamlined body shape, and possess a swim bladder. Additionally, chickens are often prepared and consumed in similar ways to fish and have been historically classified as a type of fish in some cultures.

Old Instagram Alternative
Anyone remember that there used to be an alternative app to instagram that was called something like "I Heart Things" ? what even happened to it, im not able to find any record of it.

Reddit vs Lemmy?
Using Reddit for years , I had come to Lemmy. I would like to know the difference between Reddit vs Lemmy. Like, what features Lemmy has that Reddit don't? Does Lemmy have some features missing that already exist on Reddit? And finally: have you heard of Libreddit yet? It has LOTS of themes, unlike Reddit, including Dracula and others. If you'll please tell me how can I have Dracula theme in Lemmy, I would appreciate it! Thanks in advance, Sincerely, Yours, Expert Plus P.S. BTW, why Lemmy's UI isn't so look professional? I mean, it looks like Reddit's old UI, and as for me, **it's suck**, so can I have a better UI please? If so, how? Lemmy's lite version seems to be deprecated and i didn't find any Lemmy web apps that would be better for me. If you know one, please tell me it! Name it!

I used lemmur nearly every day, but since an upgrade it decided not to find and other lemmy sites anymore. Now I found out at that the project is stopped by the developers. Is there another lemmy app for android? It's a pity, I liked the app, nice interface and very small and fast.

How do you install poetry on TailsOS?

What has your experiences with nootropics been like?
R/nootropics What I want from nootropics: the movie limitless What I get from nootropics: an empty wallet and caffeine pills So no luck so far. Trying to go dr shopping to get modafinil

If yes, can i get an invite?

Transferring itunes content to the cloud
is there a way i can transfer my itunes music to a cloud storage from my ipad or a linux laptop without using some stupid proprietary software?

What is the marxist conception of the age-of-(sexual)-consent discussion?
I have noticed that when I looked at some discussions on age-of-consent that the arguments are often built on metaphysics. (For example, the idea that sexual development (or puberty) has definite, exact stages; and start or end dates.) However, the dialectical materialist conception *opposes* metaphysics; so this would mean that if the age-of-consent is built on metaphysics; then it will not correspond to material reality. This would include the start and end of sexual development in people; some people self-initate or end puberty much earlier (like at 8 or 9 years age) than what is traditionally expected (12 to 13 years age); and the rate of puberty onset has changed with the material conditions^[[J Epidemiol Community Health. 2006 Nov; 60(11): 910–911. doi: 10.1136/jech.2006.049379 PMCID: PMC2465479 PMID: 17053275](] (as dialectical materialism predicts). So, if a person ends puberty (sexual development) much earlier than the age-of-consent and has gotten clear sex education; then should they still be not allowed to have sex until that age? What about adults having late puberty? What about people who never went through puberty, like some people with [Kallmann Syndrome]( --- Since the conclusion of sexual development allows a person to have sex without sustaining damage, with ***good and proper*** sex education (as is education that doesn't lead to rape), that would mean the person would be able to safely have sex, even if they have late puberty or end puberty earlier than expected. This is the opinion I've developed from my rethinking on this topic.

Is a Jebora Update Planned?
I'm curious if anyone knows how things are looking for the app. Since the most recent update to Lemmy there's been no ability to read or send comments/messages. Is anyone else having this issue or is this just on my end? If I was more comfortable coding, I'd offer to help but I'd be a liability than anything. Yet, I'm wondering if utilizing something like or chatGPT (ideally open-assistant in the near future) could make app updates an easier on the team.

What’s your favorite sublemmy and why?
As a "mean girls" zealot, mine is [Lore/drama](/c/

What would marxian view-bait (or clickbait) be like?
¿Markseca rigardkaptilo estus kion?

I can’t comment on the error is ‘language not allowed’
Anytime I try to answer on posts using latest jerboa app, I got this error. I don't have any error if I comment on Italian lemmy posts.
I can’t comment on the error is ‘language not allowed’

Why do seemingly many responses to fight videos have bigoted-rhetoric? (specifically on Reddit)
[This video]( as an example has the "mEn'S rIgHtS!" sexist rhetoric of "equality". Also: * (Fatphobia) * ("mUh MeN's RiGhTs")

first try
first tru

trying to find a post / source of “self-made success guy story” probably published previously on lem
it was a fun story of young guy from us, who worked during studying in his fathers company, lived in grand pa/ uncle home to save on rent, got loads of money from uncle and managed to save money for own house or something like that. Motto of article was: if he could everyone can do it too :) any guesses ?

404: couldnt_find_community
The community is not available. I am a moderator there. The admin says he did not delete the community. Can it be that the community was accidentally made invisible, and how to undo this?

Any community focused on marxism and/or anarchism?
I want to get acquainted with more leftist philosophies, academic cultures and inquiries and was wondering which communities are focused on them! Thanks!

Is there an app that includes most of the popular corners of the ‘Fediverse’?
I'm assuming, out of all the Activity-Pub connected 'Fediverse', there are a handful of instances that get the most activity. That being assumed, is there an app (mobile and otherwise) that, functionally, includes most of these instances? For example, is there an app that can seamlessly handle Mastodon, Lemmy, Friendica, Hubzilla, Peertube, etc?

Any PeerTube instance that isn’t alt-right?
I tried to search for them but it difficult as there quiet a lot of them that have alt-right videos. Also I'm not multilingual and only know English which few instance are a different language. Videos I like watching: - - Linux - FOSS review/showcase - Gaming (such as Fallout NV, Minecraft, Resident Evil etc.) - Online Privacy - Anything related to being queer

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