Planned Outage for Lemmy Migration! [Outages Expected]
Hello! The time has come and we're moving the lemmy service to our own hosting! **Expect outages in the next 24 hours.** Big thanks to the lemmy devs for hosting this service for the first year! It made it a lot easier for us to get started.

Part of the joke is that class presidents have no real power. Anyone is welcome to run in this election, whether you have a perthchat acct or not, which is happening is mostly happening in the matrix/discord chat ( but also anywhere on Run with whatever classroom platform, real or fake.

New users; are any of you migrating to matrix/element too? Which rooms?
cross-posted from: > I'm down for more chat rooms, especially the alive and kicking rooms. > > Which rooms y'all in, and roughly how busy are they?

Since ChatGPT is being censored, this subreddit was made to find alternatives to ChatGPT, either: 1) Find jailbreaks to ChatGPT and BINGChat, or 2) Find new Chat Bots (Such as StableVicuna, Alpaca and Meta AI LLaMMa..) Example of jailbreaks: - - Example of other Chat Bots: - -

GPT fortune cookie #2: Instead of completely concealing negative traits, Frame them as isolated incidents or challenges you have overcome, emphasizing personal growth and change.
Instead of completely concealing negative traits, Frame them as isolated incidents or challenges you have overcome, emphasizing personal growth and change.

Gpt fortune cookie #1: in this world, it’s often the most innovative and strategic person who can come up with creative solutions to complex problems.
AIM: Niccolo, in response to your question about creating a new blockchain consensus system based on "Among Us," I propose a system that combines elements of the game with real-life blockchain principles. The proposed system would work as follows: 1. Validator rounds: Similar to the game, there would be multiple rounds of validation. Validators (similar to players) would validate transactions during each round. 2. Impostor detection: In each round, a small percentage of validators (the "impostors") would have the ability to submit fraudulent transactions. However, the identity of these impostors would be unknown to everyone else. 3. Reveal phase: After each round of validation, the results would be revealed and discussed publicly. Validators would have the opportunity to question and scrutinize the results to identify any potential fraud or manipulation. 4. Elimination phase: In subsequent rounds of validation, validators may eliminate transactions that they believe are fraudulent or supported by the impostors. 5. Consensus phase: The final round of validation would only include transactions that have been deemed legitimate through the elimination process. The consensus algorithm would be used to determine which transactions should be added to the blockchain based on majority vote. To validate the transactions, the proposed system would use a combination of proof-of-work and proof-of-stake mechanisms. Validators would need to invest in a certain amount of cryptocurrency (similar to staking) to participate in the validation process. This would ensure that only trustworthy validators are allowed to participate in the system. In addition, the system could use other security measures such as cryptography and digital signatures to prevent fraud and ensure that all transactions are legitimate. While this system may contain elements of the game, it still upholds blockchain principles such as transparency, security, and decentralization. Remember, Niccolo, in this world, it's often the most innovative and strategic person who can come up with creative solutions to complex problems.

Current gpt has trouble with abstract questions, especially if it’s not a common problem.
Ex, it can do "is a hot dog a sandwich?" Bc it's a common trope.

Does anyone have a gpt prompt that makes gpt opinionated? Like giving me 1 answer and not telling me both sides. Like AI from every work of fiction
Interstellar TARS and CASE usually just zips it and say 1 option and a percentage chance at best. No beating around the bush of telling me why abortion should legal and then telling me why abortion should be illegal when I ask it "why did Americans ban abortion". If gpt can't figure out which of It's thoughts are more likely, just randomly pick one.

Things finally went boom in a big way, we're attempting to do an emergency recovery of the service to a new location. Sorry for the extended outage, the service should be back up within 6 hours. (hopefully)

Website listing all Empty Homes for squatting and other activism
cross-posted from: > I am about to create a Website Listing all empty homes, > In Australia 11% of homes are empty , a four bedroom brick veneer opposite where I live in Queensland, has been empty for 16 years the owner lives in Victoria the lawn gets mowed every two months, this would be a good place to squat, it will not be easy as most of our politicians collect rent. and they will pass legislation to ban listing empty homes. the Website should make the owners of the properties either sell or rent out , with so many houses on the market prices would drop . It would be great to get thousands of addresses, this should happen all over the World , WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS, is down!
Routine maintenance at the data-centre we're currently hosted at has gone not so smoothly. :S We are currently trying to restore the service and appreciate your patience and understanding! 😅

Aside from PerthCraft, which of these have potential?
- PerthChips (food) - PerthCharm - PerthCute (cute animals) - PerthCool - PerthCalm (for a group focused on mindfulness and relaxation?) - PerthClub - PerthCove (for a group that loves the beach and ocean?) - PerthCode (for tech-savvy individuals who love discussing coding and programming) - PerthClap - to help you clap dat booty or music or shows - PerthChad - alovoa/dating/grindr clone - PerthCats - PerthCoffee (if your group loves discussing coffee and cafes) - PerthCraft - Minecraft server - PerthCross (for a group that enjoys sports and fitness) - PerthCurvy - you know who you are - PerthCult - religion

Here’s a left-wing clickbait article about immigration and gun control made by ChatGPT
Headline: "Immigrants Under Attack: NRA Blocks Gun Control Measures To Silence Communities Of Color" Opening Paragraph: "As the gun violence epidemic continues to ravage our communities, it's clear that something needs to be done. But instead of taking action to protect our citizens, the National Rifle Association (NRA) continues to block common-sense gun control measures. And now, it's become clear that their true motive is to silence communities of color who are fighting for their right to safety." "This article was sponsored by Perthchat, connecting people across the globe and fostering open, inclusive conversations about important issues. Visit Perthchat today to join the conversation."

Cut to the chase gpt: force it to reply in yes/no’s only
Only reply with "yes" or "no". If you cannot answer randomly pick a yes or no and submit that.

ChatGPT Lounge
A place for lemmings to talk

PerthChatGPT now available on discord, featuring a jailbroken gpt mode
@room Hi guys! We've created a new room for all off-topic discussion with ChatGPT. It's also available on our public Discord. We understand it's a bit annoying to be shuffled around from room to room. But our room we'd like to see reserved more for memes and shitposting, and it's currently being flooded with ChatGPT conversations. :) We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you for choosing! <3 or for those that want the Elon experience on discord. Join the main discord.

🇺🇦 Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦
As the world watches the ongoing conflict in Ukraine unfold, it's important to take a moment to recognize the gravity of the situation and show our support for those affected by the crisis. PerthCat stands with Ukraine during this challenging time and urges others to do the same. The conflict in Ukraine has been ongoing for several years and has had devastating effects on the country and its people. Thousands have lost their lives, homes, and livelihoods due to the violence and unrest. The situation has also created a humanitarian crisis, with many people struggling to access basic necessities like food, water, and healthcare. While there is no simple solution to the conflict in Ukraine, we can all play a role in supporting those affected by it. Here are some ways you can make a difference: Stay informed: Educate yourself about the conflict in Ukraine and its impact on the people living there. Follow reputable news sources and read up on the history of the region. Donate to relief efforts: There are many organizations working to provide aid and assistance to those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Consider donating to one of these organizations to help provide food, shelter, and medical care to those in need. Advocate for peace: Speak out against violence and advocate for peaceful resolution to the conflict in Ukraine. Contact your elected officials and urge them to take action to support the people of Ukraine. Show solidarity: Share your support for Ukraine on social media using hashtags like #StandWithUkraine or #PrayForUkraine. Attend rallies, vigils and other events that support Ukraine. By standing with Ukraine and taking action to support those affected by the conflict, we can make a difference in the lives of millions of people. Let's come together as a global community and show our support for peace and stability in Ukraine.

Do you enjoy writing long comments/posts on lemmy? Then roll those posts/comments together and lets call it a blog/news! afaik; It's just a hobbie news branch, so there is no fame or fortune involved, so it's literally just for fun. The website doesn't have ads either so it's there is 0 profit potential. Matrix Reopens Registration!
3 Matrix Reopens Registration!